Argentinian Empanadas & Sofrito Meal Kit by Takeout Kit (Dinner for 4)

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Flavor profile: savory baked hand-pies & bright tomato sauce | Difficulty: moderate | Cooking Time: 60 min active time | This empanada kit features chicken filling seasoned with manzanilla green olives and a rich achiote spice blend. Craft your own dough from scratch and watch these hand pies bake to a crispy perfection before devouring them with a bright, zesty, sofrito dipping sauce. Introducing Chef David Dippong: We're excited to introduce the mastermind behind this kit, Chef David Dippong! He was most recently a Google chef in Venice Beach, CA. Prior to Google, David was a private chef in Beverly Hills and Provence, France. "One of my greatest joys is sharing new foods with others. I believe that if you don't like a certain food, you just haven't had it your way yet." Get the Wine Ready! Empanada-making is a fun date night or get-together activity. Heads up: this kit takes longer than our other kits (60 min active cooking time). So grab some friends who don't mind working for their food, share bottle(s) of Malbec or Torrontes, and get crafty in the kitchen! Speak food with us: repulgué In cafes around Argentina, you can tell the filling of an empanada just by looking at the pattern on the edge. This fold pattern is known as repulgué.

Product Specifications

Takeout Kit
  • You'll receive all high quality pre-portioned ingredients needed to make dinner for 4. Shipped directly to your door. (Pots, pans, glassware, tableware, and beverages shown in images not included)
  • Your meal kit will ship in 1-2 business days and will arrive 1-3 days after shipping via USPS. You'll have 2 months to cook your kit. That's it!
  • Inside the box, you'll find a step-by-step recipe card with clear instructions, the background of the dish, cooking tips, optional add-ins and/or recommended drink pairings.
  • Cooking with Takeout Kit is more than just getting dinner on the table. You'll enjoy an authentic cooking adventure and instantly transform your kitchen into a global cafe.
  • Who is Takeout Kit? Takeout Kit is the first and only meal kit with a 2 month shelf life. We created Takeout Kit to address "meal kit anxiety", the stress of not being able to cook meal kits before they expire. Takeout Kits have long shelf lives (2 months) and can stay in your pantry until you're ready to cook. We're focusing on creating global dishes that are fun and exciting to cook and might typically require hard-to-find ingredients.
Takeout Kit
Takeout Kit
  • 500 hundredths-pounds
Takeout Kit
Dinner for 4
Takeout Kit
Argentinian Empanadas & Sofrito Meal Kit by Takeout Kit (Dinner for 4)